Course Content

  • 1

    Part I - Start with Why

    • 1. Introduction
    • Guide to Accessing Patron Content (for launch promo members)
  • 2

    Part II - REITs

    • (1) Introduction to REITs
    • (2) How to Evaluate and Pick REITs
    • REITs Scorecard
    • Explanatory Note - Manager's Asset Valuation and Perpetual Bonds
    • (3) Understanding the Property Cycle
    • (4) Case Study
    • (5) Constructing a Diversified REIT Portfolio
    • (6) Advanced Tips
    • Recap
    • Glossary of REIT Terms
    • SREIT Sector Contribution
    • Further Reading
    • Extra Reading - Why are HK REITs less attractive than Singapore REITs
  • 3

    Part III - Dividend Stocks vs Growth Stocks

    • (1) What you need to know about stocks
    • (2A) How to evaluate and pick stocks - Growth
    • (2B) How to evaluate and pick stocks - Dividend
    • Shares Scorecard
    • (3) Case Study
    • (4) Constructing a diversified stock portfolio
    • (5) Advanced tips
    • Recap
    • Common Valuation Metrics
    • Further Reading
    • Explanatory Note: When to buy a share?
    • Explanatory Note 2: When to buy a share after a crash
    • Additional Info: Where to get more advanced Financial Data
  • 4

    Part IV - Statistics, Probabilities and Randomness - Giving you an Edge in Financial Markets

    • 1. Understanding Statistics
    • 2. Learn what Fools the Mind
  • 5

    Part V - How to make money from Real Estate

    • 1. Understanding the Real Estate Market
    • 2A. How to identify good real estate - Part I
    • 2B. How to identify good real estate - Part II
    • 3. How to Value Real Estate
    • 4. How does Real Estate fit into a portfolio
    • 5. Why invest in foreign markets
    • 6. Choosing between public and private real estate
    • Extra Content: All Weather Portfolio for Singaporeans
    • Attachment: Asset Allocation Tracker
    • Extra Content: How to Hedge a Portfolio?
  • 6

    Part VI - Macro View - When to Buy REITs? When to sell REITs?

    • 1A. US REIT History - What can we learn
    • 1B. Predictions for S-REITs in the coming years
    • 2. Macro Factors - Interest Rates FREE PREVIEW
    • 3. Macro Factors - Inflation, Credit Cycle etc
    • 4. Understanding the Credit Cycle
    • 5. Reading the Credit Cycle - Advanced
    • 6. Reading the real estate cycle
    • New Content: Liquidity drives markets
    • Extra Reading: Understanding the Eurodollar Market
    • Extra Reading: How the global financial system got to where it is today
    • Extra Reading: Understanding the USD as a Reserve Currency - How it got here, and what the future holds?
  • 7

    Part VII - Micro View - How to pick good REITs? Which REITs to avoid?

    • 1. How to identify and screen REITs
    • 2. Why we use NPI and not earnings FREE PREVIEW
    • 3. Sponsor
    • 4A. Risks to look out for - Part I
    • 4B. Risks to look out for - Part II
    • 5. Growth drivers a REIT must have
    • 6. Financial and Operational Metrics a REIT should pass
    • 7. Valuations
    • FAQ: Capitalisation Rates
    • Reference Material - MCT 3Q FY1920
    • Reference Material - MCT 3Q FY1920 - Presentation
    • Mapletree Commercial Trust AR2018-19_spread
  • 8

    Part VIII - Building a REIT Portfolio

    • 1. Building a Portfolio
    • 2. Leverage
  • 9

    Part IX - How to buy or sell REITs?

    • 1. How to buy - Normal Market Conditions
    • 2. How to buy - Market Crash Conditions
    • 3. When to sell a REIT
  • 10

    Part X - Case Studies

    • 1. How to put it all together
    • Survey - Which REIT would you like to see a case study on?
    • 2A. MCT Case Study - Part I
    • 2B. MCT Case Study - Part II
    • Explanatory Note: How useful are Credit Ratings?
  • 11

    *NEW* Part X (ii) - 2020 Case Studies Series

    • Introduction
    • Mapletree Industrial Trust Case Study
    • Starhill Global REIT Case Study
  • 12

    Part XI - Putting it all together

    • Common Mistakes and Pro Tips
  • 13


    • Further Resources
    • Feedback
    • Ask me anything!
  • 14

    Appendix A - Exclusive Patron Access

    • Guide to Accessing Patron Content
    • FH Stock Watch (4 Aug 2020)
    • FH Personal Portfolio (4 Aug 2020)
    • Status Update - Responding to Questions (25 March 2020)
    • Status Update on Buy Signals – 25 March 2020
    • Singapore Stocks / REITs – Is value starting to emerge? (23 March 2020)
    • Status Update on Markets – Thoughts on the rally, oil, SIA and REITs (31 March 2020)
    • Collection of thoughts – Mortgage deferment, Private Residential Property, US rally, Singapore REITs (7 April 2020)
    • Global Monetary Endgame – Liquidity =/= Solvency (11 April 2020)
    • Recommended Read: Understanding the Eurodollar market (14 April 2020)
    • Implications of REIT Changes, and cure for COVID-19? (17 April)
    • A Commentary on Oil (21 April 2020)
    • Commentary on asset classes (Part I) - 28 April 2020
    • Commentary on all asset classes (Part II) (30 April 2020)
    • Commentary on all asset classes (Part III) (6 May 2020)
    • Commentary on all asset classes (Part IV) (13 May 2020)
    • Commentary on all asset classes (Part V) (19 May 2020)
    • US-China Conflict - Impact of HK Security Bill and US Act (26 May 2020)
    • Update on Global Macro (4 June 2020)
    • Why do stocks keep going up? How am I investing? (9 June 2020)
    • How to build an All-Weather Portfolio in 2020 – For Singapore investors? How to invest for Singaporeans?
    • Why the next 3 – 6 months worry me (21 June 2020)
    • Understanding how Gold works (24 June 2020)
    • Is Facebook a good buy at the current price? (30 June 2020)
    • How to hedge a portfolio? (8 July 2020)
    • 3 Quick Thoughts on Singapore’s Economy Post GE (14 July 2020)
    • Where is the best place to park excess cash right now? (21 July 2020)
    • A brief guide to Investing in Semiconductors (Part I)
    • Thoughts on Bank Dividend Cuts (31 July)
    • A brief guide to Investing in Semiconductors (Part II) (5 Aug 2020)
    • Reflation rotation and US-China Cold war (12 Aug 2020)
    • Thoughts on the Singapore Budget, and Silver (18 Aug 2020)
    • FH Stock Watch (19 Aug 2020)
    • How to invest in this market? (25 Aug)
    • FH Personal Portfolio (1 Sep 2020)
    • FH Stock Watch (7 Sep 2020)
    • Nongfu Spring IPO, China Banks, and how to invest in China (8 Sep)
    • Snowflake IPO, and some thoughts on the NASDAQ “Bubble” (15 Sep)
    • Update on Global Macro, and changing my mind on Comfort Delgro (22 Sep 2020)
  • 15

    Appendix B - Resources on COVID-19

    • Wuhan Virus: When to start buying stocks?
    • How will S-REITs be affected by Wuhan Flu?
    • China ETF Comparison
    • Is it time to start buying stocks? Has it peaked?(Dated 11 Feb 2020)
    • COVID-19: Status Update (24 Feb 2020)
    • Will COVID-19 cause a recession? 3 steps you must take as a Singapore Investor (29 Feb 2020)
    • Quick Thoughts - Use the Stimulus Rally to sell? (2 March 2020)
    • COVID19: Changes to base case, and a note on Cloudflare (5 March 2020)
    • OPEC+ and Oil Prices (9 March 2020)
    • [FH AMA] Responding to your queries (Part I - 11 March)
    • [FH AMA] Responding to your queries (Part 2 - 12 March)
    • FH Warchest (11 March 2020).pdf
    • Changes to Base Case and Buy Signal (13 March 2020)
    • Fed Bazooka (or nuke) falls flat. What happens next? (17 March)
  • 16

    Appendix C: Advanced Reading

    • Fundamentals Investing v Technical Investing
    • 3 Key Trends that will define our investing lifetimes (Part I)
    • Good vs Great Companies
    • Macro Reading - Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crises


  • What is the REITs Investing Masterclass?

    This Masterclass breaks down REITs to its core - Real Estate, with leverage, with capital markets characteristics. This Masterclass provides serious investors with a framework to invest in REITs, and the skills and knowledge necessary to understand REITs and the macro environment in which they operate.

  • What do you think about the coming crisis?

    An era of easy money and central bank liquidity has created asset class bubbles. Increasingly, it looks like COVID19 will be the catalyst that sets everything off. But in crisis, comes opportunity. For those who have been patiently biding their time and have a large warchest ready, now will be the opportunity of a lifetime. Someone who is able to invest patiently and meticulously into the coming crisis, to pick the right REITs, and get the timing right – will come out a winner.

  • Why a REITs Masterclass?

    It is mindblowing that there are courses and degrees out there for everything we do, but when it comes to investing, we’re supposed to just pick it up ourselves. I’ve seen many investors get blown up in the market because they didn’t have the knowledge or skills to understand what was going on. Trying to invest against top money managers without some semblance of training and knowledge is a call for disaster. Through this Masterclass, you will be equipped with the intermediate to advanced level skills necessary to invest properly, especially in tumultuous markets.

  • Who is the REITs Investing Masterclass for?

    Serious investors who want deep knowledge into REITs and to have an investing framework for life. This Masterclass is for investors who aren't satisfied with merely average returns. This Masterclass teaches you a framework to pick REITs and analyse global macro conditions, and effectively deploy money in the markets to build a long-term income portfolio.

  • Why is a Masterclass important?

    How much would you pay to save months and years of your time? Don't forget opportunity cost. I believe the coming months will see incredible opportunities to accumulate commercial real estate (via REITs) on the cheap. BUT – you will need to be careful to pick the good ones, at the right prices, and at the right times. I think we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in investing, and the coming years will see active investing vastly outperform passive indexing. Miss this chance, and you may need to wait a decade for the next.

  • Course fee is too expensive?

    Assume that over the next 12 months you invest $200,000 into REITs. Assuming you get the timing wrong, or you pick the wrong REITs, resulting in a small 10% loss to your portfolio. Seasoned investors know that a 10% loss in this market is commonplace. A 10% loss on a $200,000 portfolio is $20,000. If this course can help you avoid a loss like that, it’s paid for itself many times over. And don’t forget that you’ll continue investing over your lifetime. This Masterclass will safeguard, guide and inform your investment decisions for the rest of your life. What are you waiting for?

What is the FH REITs Investing Masterclass?

An Investing Framework for Life

This Masterclass provides a framework to help investors build a long-term REIT income portfolio. This Masterclass offers investors a framework to differentiate good from bad REITs, when to buy and when to sell REITs, including real-life case studies to help investors apply the framework in practice. This REITs Investing Masterclass provides serious investors the skills and knowledge necessary to understand REITs and the macro environment in which they operate.
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